81% Mobile Conversion Gain

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See which mobile wireframe increased conversion rates by 81% for an online retailer. It generates over $1.6 Million dollars in additional revenue.

What You Will Learn

  • The difference in mobile user behavior and how to capitalize on that behavior
  • How to make your social media efforts pay off with a better home page.
  • The mobile homepage wireframe that generated an additional $1.6 million


An online retailer hired us to increase conversion rates through A/B testing. They generate much of their traffic through social media and a large portion of that traffic is mobile. We developed a plan to simplify their entire mobile design so it is very focused.

Let’s back up and understand a few things first about mobile users and social media users…

Mobile Users VS Desktop Users

mobile-shoppingMobile users have very different shopping behavior compared to desktop users. Mobile users want to see the product or offer and not be overwhelmed with options and details. Desktop users spend more time looking at the details of the product.

Mobile users scan rather than digest content. A lower attention span should be expected with mobile users. They are more likely to make impulse purchases. When mobile users are shopping, the shopping experience must match their behavior. Keep your page simple or these users with ultra low attention span will abandon the site.

Aligning Social Marketing With Your Home Page

Social platforms attract an even more impulsive user than your typical mobile user.

Brands that generate a lot of traffic from social platforms such as Instagram must develop a very focused home page. Social media generates a lot of visitors who search out your brand and land on your home page. Your home page must align with your marketing on social platforms.

For example, if you plan on promoting a specific product on social media this week, make sure your home page also features that product. Social users will not search for your site and then dig through your site to find the product.

The Mobile Wireframe

This mobile wireframe increased landing page sales by $1.6 Million (81% Increase in mobile Conversion Rates) for our client…

above-the-fold below-the-fold


Mobile users have a tendency to scroll  without reason. With long pages, there is a higher chance a visitor gets lost and distracted from the main goal. With this in mind, we condensed key information such as reviews, more products, why us/sales copy at the bottom of the page using large buttons. These buttons can be expandable or link to other pages.

The main goal is to sell the products that have been promoted through your social media campaigns or other marketing campaigns. So, we don’t want the page to scroll far beyond those couple products on the home page.


Why Only 2 Products On The Home Page?

How did we know to show only two main products on the home page? We split test multiple combinations and found that showing more products lowered conversions rates by 10% and also lowered revenue per user.

The number of products that you display will vary and we suggest a/b testing this. Just remember to match these products to your marketing efforts especially your social media marketing.

The Product Page

Keep the entire funnel simple. The mobile product page should not be complex. If it is too complex, the improvements you make to your home page will not translate to sales.

We suggest collapsing much of the content including descriptions, product specs, reviews and other information.

What You Should Do Now

Have your developers work on a mobile version of your home page based on the wireframe above. Create this page on a new url and run a split test for just mobile traffic.

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